erinne emo pants (ihopeyouforget) wrote in cute_like_woah,
erinne emo pants

i regret to inform you:

to whom it may concern:

I, erinne "emo pants" c, am finally hanging up my love for LJ and all blogs herein. [which includes all communities, rating and non.]  i have found that not only do they supply fun, love, and friends but they supply people with things to use against you.  i have found that some people are truly unbelievable while others i am unable to fully trust ever again.  for that, i am sorry.  there is a deeper reason as to why i am dis-joining myself from on-line journals but for now you will all make up your own elaborate stories.  i appreciate all the help, guidance and love I've received over this past year and a half.  i am grateful for the kind words i have been given time and time again.  for all of the pickme-ups and pep talks I've been given.  especially timo. thanks a bunch my lovely boy.  we'll talk more.  iI'l work up the balls to call you sometime.  it'll be great.  i love you guys more than anything but i think it's time to move on to a higher plane and live life in the present instead of write about the past and things i can not change.  i need to grow and learn and not be stuck in my basement typing away while i cry and pour  my heart out to a blinking screen for people who don'tknow how to handle my drama.  all those people that said on-line journals were a bad idea, heres to you.  all those people that disagree, heres to you as well.  i hope none of you hate me and if you do, well, tough luck for me.  those of you who might be slighlty saddened, i'll always be here on aim, email, or cell phone.  i'll always be here for you as you have been for me.  thank you.

** I'll be posting one final post on Sunday night.  i have until then to win my man back.  wish me luck!! : ) **

farewell friends.

love love erinne the brave emo pants

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