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Cute Like WOAH!


Age: 23
Sex: Female
Location: Winston Salem, NC
10 or more of your favorite bands:
The Used
Linkin Park
Taking Back Sunday
MC Chris
Green Day
Secret Lives of the Freemasons
Sister Hazel
The Ataris
The Killers
Maroon 5
Black Eyes Peas
Kelly Clarkson 
Hobbies: Playing music, watching TV, reading Dean Koontz books, writing in my journal, playing with my animals, helping my mom with her Beagle Kennel, taking pictures, talking to my friends on the phone or on line or hanging out, making people laugh
Favorite movie(s): Labyrinth, Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood, A Christmas Story, The Joy Luck Club, (I have lots)
Make us laugh: Today at that mall, there was this cute guy looking at me one of the stores and I was trying to act all like I didn't see him and knocked off a whole display of purses and stuff. I felt like such a tard.
Somthing you hate: people who talk like that this. "OMG!1!!!! fo realz tho. 1337 Roxxors my boxxors" or the famous IM where the first thing they say is  a/s/l?
Something you like: People who are genuinly nice. Icy Pops on a hot day. Sleeping in on Sundays and meeting new people!
One random fact about yourself: I lost 190 lbs in the last 4 years.
Opinion on religion: It's a great idea, just don't force your views on others. To each his/her own. I'm Methodist if you are wondering.
Opinion on abortion: Personally, I am Pro-life. BUT For everyone else I am Pro-Choice. If a child will be born in a family that doesn't want it, with something wrong with it b/c of drug abuse or was conceived from a rape, then sometimes that child is better off not having been born at all.
Opinion on gay marriage: Love is Love. Love doesn't go..HEY YOU DON'T HAVE A PENIS TO FIT MY VAGINA! WE CAN'T BE TOGETHER!!! So let them get married, what's it gonna hurt?
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How did you find us: I did a search for rating communities.

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and lastly, my goofey smile..
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So there you are....all about me.

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i like your nose ring.
i didn't bother reading haha sorry i'm packing for vacation so i barely have any time.
but yes.
I adore you.