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cute like WOAH!

Name: Chris(tina)
Age: 17
Sex: Lady
Location: Boston, MA
10 or more of your favorite bands: Panic! At The Disco, Metallica, Arctic Monkeys, Meatloaf, The Doors, Rolling Stones, Beatles, All American Rejects, Fall Out Boy, From First To Last
Hobbies: Writing fanfictions and poems, doodeling in class, dancing around even if there is no music, singing to all the songs I know the words to, cooking, I guess decorating things...
Favorite movie(s): The Notebook, Rent, Moulin Rouge, Phantom of the Opera, Lady and the Tramp, Baseketball, The Matrix tilogy
Make us laugh: One time when I was driving home, I was pushed the button on my CD player and thought I pushed send on my phone. I put my phone up to my ear and for a good 5 minutes I waited for a ring or a beep, I got nothing. I got so angry I went to hold it in front of me to yell at it (like I always do) and I realised it was only my hand. My cell was still in my purse. Then the guy next to me had his windows down like I did and he stared at me like I just suggested to wrestle a samurai monkey. I felt so dumb.
Somthing you hate: Being nagged and treated like a bimbo
Something you like: Danceing in a rainstorm when it is perfect out, like not too cold or windy. The equal to that is danceing with my friends inside in our pajamas or funny hats.
One random fact about yourself: I love the smell of gassoline.
Opinion on religion: It should remain a belief and not forced upon others. I am agnostic, I believe in no specific religion but I respect most aspects of them. The only religion I could see myself try to follow would be Wiccan. My best friend is Wiccan and I love what she has taught me, even though it really is more practice then belief from what I have seen, but there are diffrent kinds. Sorry if it seemed I was rambling.
Opinion on abortion: I am against it unless it was for a rape victim or if it could put the mother in serious medical risk. Being adopted I respect life a little more since it could have ended before it began. No one has the right to play God. Also, you may be killing the next serial killer, or the doctor that cures AIDS or cancer. It is too much of a waste.
Opinion on gay marriage: I am for it, I just wish society could accept homosexuals more. People seem to like to hold on to old ideals and beliefs when embracing new ones and accepting love and a persons right to persue happiness. Let go of the ignorance and embrace the beauty!!
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